5 Things Your Boss Expects You To Know About Mobile App Ad Optimization On Facebook

Here’s a quick rundown of 5 critical things we’ve found to dramatically improve performance on Facebook mobile install app install ad optimization campaigns.  We’ve listed them in order of importance for you below.

1. Test/Optimize Imagery.

We’ve found imagery to be the #1 lever advertisers can pull to improve Facebook ad performance. This also applies to mobile app install ads.

Test imagery for the best results

2. Test various audience segments

Upload your current customer email list to build custom audiences that target both your users and look-a-like audiences.  You can also use age/gender/geo data to refine and optimize further within audience segments.

3. Use oCPM bidding (optimized cost per thousand)

By using this bidding strategy, the total ROI on the campaign should exceed that of either a CPC or a traditional CPM campaign.

4. Test/Optimize Headlines

We like to test 3-6 ads against each other in each campaign.

Facebook Mobile Ads - Test Headlines

 5. Test/Optimize Ad Text

Same as #4.  Always be testing!

Facebook ads

We are big believers in testing all elements of your Facebook ads campaigns to get the best results.  What have you tried that works? Please answer in the comments section below.

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