Generate Social Media Buzz Kim Kardashian Would Envy, With Influencer Marketing

In a major shift away from interruption based marketing, where consumers are sent marketing messages intended to jolt us awake from our daily hypnotic trance just long enough to successfully deliver an irresistible marketing or branding message into our cloudy brains: smart marketers are migrating to a permission based marketing tactic, namely influencer marketing. Influencer marketing […]

5 Things Your Boss Expects You To Know About Mobile App Ad Optimization On Facebook

Here’s a quick rundown of 5 critical things we’ve found to dramatically improve performance on Facebook mobile install app install ad optimization campaigns.  We’ve listed them in order of importance for you below. 1. Test/Optimize Imagery. We’ve found imagery to be the #1 lever advertisers can pull to improve Facebook ad performance. This also applies to […]

SGL Client, DogVacay, Continues To Lead In Dog Boarding

Congrats to Science Growth Labs client, who continues to show dramatic growth as a leader in the dog boarding category: “The three-year-old Santa Monica-based dog and pet boarding startup recently crossed more than 500,000 nights delivered across 3,000 cities in the US and Canada, and now features more than 15,000 hosts.” Today, they are […]